How I maintain my white teeth

“Everyone has their “thing” – something that they are very particular about, that they notice on everyone and maybe even everyone notices on them. Some may be more into designer items than others, makeup, or even certain fashion styles that they are notorious for rocking. Well, one of my “things” is how I take care of my teeth. For as long as I can remember, I have had teeth that are too big for my small mouth, and it’s not something I can hide. Because of this, I have been sure to keep my “pearly whites” the perfect shade of white.

People ask me often, “how do you keep your teeth so white?”, And it’s not as hard as people make it out to be. Like most things, once you make it a routine, you don’t even begin to think about it after a while. Below are some practical tips on preventing stains, maintaining whiteness, and the actual whitening process. The best part? Most of these can be implemented into your daily routine to help make your “pearly white” game strong!


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The first and most important tip to preventing stains on your teeth is this – use straws with EVERYTHING you drink, especially if it’s dark. Not doing so is a huge part of why our teeth become stained in the first place. As an avid coffee drinker, I make sure to use a straw whenever I can. At home, I use plastic straws to drink with my coffee, and outside of my house, I will always ask for a straw whether my drink is hot or cold. By doing this, you are helping to prevent future stains and, in turn, maintain whiter teeth for a more extended period. If you would prefer to use reusable straws to help the environment, I suggest checking out THIS BRAN


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Contrary to popular belief, maintaining white teeth is quite simple. I’ve heard people say many times, “I brush my teeth three times a day and floss, why aren’t my teeth that white?” And my first question is, “What products are you using?” Maintaining healthy white teeth is not all about the whitening kit you use, in fact, it’s more reliant on what you use every day.

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For toothpaste, I use Crest 3D White Toothpaste. This product has been pivotal in my success of maintaining whiteness, and has a refreshing mint taste that lasts! I pair this toothpaste with my Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush, which keeps my teeth (mostly) plaque free and always feeling so clean.

If you don’t have an excellent electric toothbrush, I highly recommend that you invest in one. It helps to keep your teeth white and very clean which will help to prevent dental issues later on.


Now let’s talk about the best part, HOW I got my teeth so white in the first place. I have recently discovered a professional whitening kit by the brand Smile Brilliant and have completely fallen in love with their product! What I love about their package is that it is more than just a whitening kit, but it is a whitening experience.

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Inside of this kit, you are given not only the necessities to whiten your teeth (nine whitening syringes and 9 desensitizing syringes), but you are also provided with the tools needed to create your very own dental impressions. The first step in the process is creating those impressions and mailing them back to the company in the bag they provide with the shipping label already attached. Within 5-7 days, they will take your impressions, create your custom fitted whitening trays, and ship them back for you to begin the whitening process.

The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit has quickly become thumbnail-7.jpgmy favorite go-to when I need my teeth to be touched up because of its accuracy, speed, and longevity. Because the company creates custom trays to fit your teeth perfectly, the whitening gel is getting into the crevices of your teeth that a regular whitening strip would not be able to reach. The gel itself is also potent, which creates a brighter, whiter shade of teeth you will have never seen on your teeth before. After whitening my teeth just once with this product, my teeth were literally glow-in-the-dark white! And because they provide a desensitizing gel to apply after you whiten your teeth, you will be less sensitive to gum and toothaches. The desensitizer also acts as a stain preventative, helping to maintain the shade of white you have worked so hard to achieve!

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have always been a big advocate for Crest whitening strips. Knowing this, many people have asked me how I feel about this product in comparison to Crest products. I still believe that Crest products are fantastic for the price you pay, but the difference between this kit and the simple strips is the quality. What you pay for is what you will get out of your whitening product. If you are looking for something that can be found in a drugstore and works well, then Crest is excellent. However, the Smile Brilliant kit is professional and just a fracture of the cost that you’d pay at the dentist!

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Good luck!

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