The Naked Bean: What it is and Why you need it

If you live in Tulsa, you know that everything about our city is growing at a pretty rapid pace. New businesses are constantly popping up on every street and the world of fashion is becoming very prevalent here. As a female who is passionate about entrepreneurship and the fashion industry, I love meeting new people who share the same likemindedness as I do! In this post, I wanted to do something different and share with you about an entrepreneur in the Tulsa fashion industry, Jeana.

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Earlier this year, I attended an event called Tulsa Boutique Collective, this event happens once a year and 20-30 boutiques come together under one roof to have a MASSIVE sale. As I was shopping, I saw an incredible pair of earrings from across the room and mosied my way over there as fast as I could. This is when I met Jeana, owner of The Naked Bean. She and I shared our stories, bonded, and I, of course, purchased the amazing pair of earrings I was eyeing while I was there! After the Boutique Collective event, Jeana and I kept up with each other through Instagram and gradually saw each other more through Fashion events in Tulsa.

The more I got to know Jeana, the more I began to love who she is on the inside and out. The first thing I noticed is loving and accepting she was off the bat, and from there, even better qualities began to surface by spending time with her! I share these things not just I consider her a friend, but because I enjoy knowing who I am purchasing my items from and hearing that business owner’s story. With that being said, here is hers:

The Naked Bean was originally the name of our marketing company in STL. My husband Ed and I came up with the name. As a kid, my name was Jeana Bean and Ed is Hispanic, so he grew up being called beaner. We were both beans! The word Naked is fun to say and it can mean, openly exposed, truth, or just not wearing any clothes.

It’s a fun name but we couldn’t use it for our marketing company so we changed the name to Analgesic Solutions, but I always like the name The Naked Bean so I decided to use it for my jewelry brand.

I’ve been making jewelry for years. I got started when I moved back from Cali. in 2008. I was for real on a small budget BUT had to shop, so I found some cheap jewelry but it was all meh. So I used pieces from the clearance jewelry to create my own pieces and kept doing it I liked it so much! Eventually, my friends wanted me to start making them jewelry, so I started seeking out fun materials to make fashion boutique style jewelry. And here we are 9 years later.

When people tell me their story, one of my absolute favorite things is hearing about passions transforming from a hobby to a job! I am a full supporter of local businesses such as Jeana’s and believe that everyone should take a moment to look into her designs. Two things that I love is that her jewelry is affordable and definitely not something you can’t find in just any store. Every piece she makes stands out from the rest and others around WILL notice – every time I wear her earrings, people ask where I got them from! It’s an amazing feeling knowing that the jewelry I invest into is noticed by so many people, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Here are just a few of her newest, most popular pieces selling now, but don’t be fooled – she has so many other designs on her website!

Check out the website, follow her Instagram, and treat yo’self to some amazing jewelry!


Also, if you were interested in the Tulsa Boutique Collective event mentioned earlier in the post and have never been, you HAVE to go. In fact, the event is happening for the second time year this Saturday (11/11) and the last day will be Sunday (11/12). Check out the details on the Facebook event linked above, you’ll be able to find amazing deals and Jeana will also be selling her earrings there!

What was your favorite pair of earrings I featured on this post? If you enjoyed this type of post and want to hear more about the incredible fashion entrepreneurs in Tulsa, comment and tell me your thoughts!

Thanks for reading with me,

xoxo Christina


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