4 Ways to Style Your Man’s Hanes Tee

If you’re anything like me, you love yourself some good comfort clothes go get you through your day. Recently, I came across the idea to grab myself a pack of Hanes T-Shirts because they are so comfortable, and I came up with a pretty wild question.

I wonder how many ways I could style this and still make it look cute?

So I took some time to mess around, and surprised myself with what I found. 4 ways to style a cheap Hanes shirt. Not only is this budget-friendly (like $7 for a pack of 3, holla!!), but it’s trendy – and I know what you might be thinking, the whole people don’t wear white after Labor Day thing… Yes people, it’s FINE to wear a white T Shirt even after Labor Day. Ain’t nobody telling me what I can and cannot wear!

Style #1 and #2: Simple and Comfortable

This outfit is for the girl who wants to look nice when going to class or dinner with friends, but doesn’t want to put much time into it. Grab your favorite light wash jeans, casual chunky heel (or wedge), and the Hanes Tee and you’re all set! With this outfit, I rolled up and pinned the sleeves of the shirt and added a tie to the front to add that small extra detail. And if you’re feeling extra spicy, you can stretch out the neck and pull it to reveal a shoulder 😉

Style #2: Simple & Cozy

As you can see, I’m wearing pretty much the same pieces here. In fact, the only thing that is different is that I simply added a thick and cozy sweater for a cute fall outfit. Keep the same ideas going from the outfit above, but pair your favorite fall sweater over it! This is also perfect if you like your outfit for school and want to wear it again the next day, just throw a sweater on and it won’t be as obvious that you wore the same thing yesterday. Because, don’t lie to yourself, we all do it.

Style #3: Fancy Schmancy

I wanted to have an outfit that was for those business-casual people, so here it is. I paired my favorite black pumps with some black jeans and just tucked the Hanes Tee in the front and threw a nice blazer on – simple as that! This would be really great for going to coffee with someone on a Saturday morning or a casual work meeting!

Style #4: The Fit Girl

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

For those who live in leggings and activewear, this is for you. Make your outfit a little more modern and unique by pinning up those sleeves and tying your top in the front like I did in outfit 1 and 2! It looks much better than a baggy T-Shirt (although I do admit to rocking those often) and catches those nice curves we all have. While you could workout in this shirt, I wouldn’t recommend it, as the tie reveals a little bit of belly at times. But if you’re into that while you’re working out, then by all means girl, throw yo’ Hanes Tee on for that workout!

Thanks for reading, I missed you all. It was nice to get on and talk again – I’ll see you again next week!

XOXO Christina

ALL photos by Chris Denbow (@photodenbow)!


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