Top Heavy Top

Ah Monday, we meet again…

This post is in celebration of the new week and getting back to work. I wanted to discuss a new company that I have discovered, which designs button up shirts for all my top heavy ladies out there. When I first heard about this company, my initial thought was “this is a bunch of malarky!” Because let’s be real, in all the years of shopping for a quality button up, I might have found one that fits both my waist and chest, but just barely. The moment I tried this top on (wearing size S) I was AMAZED! This shirt was shaped like an hourglass, coming in right at my waist and back out around my chest. Not only that, it is a thin and comfortable material (seriously feels like a pajama shirt), making it a comfortable choice to wear in the office all day.

I will admit, this is not an inexpensive piece, however, sometimes the fit is well worth the price for something you will be wearing a lot. I am pairing this with a Beyond The Waves Scallop Skirt ($30) from Dainty Hooligan, a nude heel, and gold jewelry to tie it all together.

The skirt is the perfect item for when you get off of work at 5 and have dinner plans at 5:30. All you have to do is change your top and you’re ready for a girls night out (example below). In addition to that, I will say that for a girl with a smaller waist and larger butt/legs, this is one of the ONLY skirts that works on me – truly a dream!

Comment below for any thoughts or questions you may have and don’t forget to have a phenomenal week!

xoxo Christina

Top ($98) | Skirt ($30) | Shoes


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