Skirts ‘n Stripes

HAPPY MONDAY! As we all know, tomorrow we will all be celebrating the huge blessing that we have every day here in America, which is freedom of course. And I am especially excited this year because it’s the first time in two years that I will be celebrating this amazing holiday off work! So enough of the jibber jabber, let’s talk about outfit inspiration for Independence Day.

I chose to feature this outfit because the fourth of July is not the day to be in heels and a fancy dress, at least not for most of us! Since most people are either grilling outside, going to the park, swimming, watching fireworks, or doing all of those things, I wanted to go with something that is still cute and stylish but still sporty and fun.

I love this crop top because it is casual but stands out so much on its own that no accessorizing is necessary to make the outfit complete. I also feel like one of my older brothers may have worn one similar to this in the 90’s-early 2000’s, ha! And the skirt is a MUST for summer, it is a little bit pricey for me ($50) but the quality is W E L L worth the money. And any time you wear it out, you are guaranteed at least one compliment. I added this cute sweater that is great for every season, which was also a bit pricey (bought from gap 3 years ago majorly discounted for $50) but I will tell you that this was also an incredible purchase. I linked a similar sweater below from Urban Outfitters below because I am a full believer that every woman needs a sweater like this in order to have a complete wardrobe.

Lastly, the shoes! If you know me well, you’ll know I go through shoes quite often. But these are one of my absolute favorites and I am convinced I will never let them go. They are ALSO a bit pricey, but the money is well worth the investment. I love these leather high top converse because they are so unique and can go with so many outfits. And in addition to wearing them fashionably in every season, I also wear them to the gym quite often! The best part about them? They are EASY to keep so bright and white, I have owned these since August of 2016 and only had to whiten them once since then.

Let me know what you think about my fourth of July look, and look for more inspiration on my Instagram. I hope you all continue to have an incredible 5 day weekend, stay safe and have so much fun!

xoxo Christina

Skirt | Shirt (similar) |Sweater (similar) | Shoes


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