70’s to ’17

Today we’re talking the era of 1970! Every week when it comes time to write, I always get on Spotify and choose music that vibes with the outfit I’m writing about for motivation. And since this outfit is way 70’s, I am currently jamming to the best disco playlist I think I’ve ever heard (Disco Forever – give it a listen) and feelin’ good.

As we all know, off the shoulder tops are allll the rage right now. It took me forever to find a shirt from this trend because it was difficult finding a top that didn’t make me look like a whale from the side because of my chest. So when I found this, I was ecstatic!

Since the top itself is so fun, I wanted to keep the outfit that way. So I paired these amazing platform clogs with some black skinnies (to tame the outfit down a bit) and let the accessories carry the rest of the fun. If you want to keep the outfit exciting AND 70’s from top to bottom, I encourage you to throw on some bellbottoms!

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Shirt (Forever 21) $20 | Shirt (ASOS) $22 | Shirt (ASOS) $13 | Pants (Lulu’s) $39

Shoes (Target) $70 | Earrings (ALDO) $15 | Earrings (ALDO) $15 | Bag (Amazon) $20


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