Blaze(r) It!

I love the days we are living in regarding fashion – you can put together whatever you want in an outfit and all that matters is the confidence you carry when you wear it. Sometimes staying unique and not always sticking to the trends gives you room to reinvent certain items in your closet and make them look fresh and modern on their own. Today, I want to talk about something that has found a warm place in my heart for itself this year – the good ol’ blazer.

I won’t lie, I shop a lot, like you can (almost) call me the low-key Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic. Because of this, at least once a year I will go through my closet and ponder to myself, Christina, you’re either going to find a way to make this work or let it go. And if you know me at all, letting it go is hardly ever the answer.

This year, when I was doing some spring cleaning, I came across 3-5 blazers in the back of my closet. It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but when I decided I was going into the college of business, I binge shopped blazers for a while. Yes, blazers of all things. And while I was looking to see whether or not I should keep them or not, I thought to myself, is there a way to use a blazer in everyday attire without being so boring and serious? Because I must be honest, when I think of women’s business clothing, I think of boring and tasteless combinations. It turns out that with a little bit of open-mindedness and creativity, a blazer just may be the answer to many outfits missing that one thing.

My favorite thing to pair a boyfriend jacket with this summer is shorts and a simple shirt, because it keeps the outfit fun but adds a mature side to it. I chose to pair a fun crop top and high waisted shorts with this boyfriend blazer. To keep it fun and uplifting, I added a bright and summery flat, as well as my favorite black fringe bag. The best part about this? Every item is under $30! Details below.

Blazer: This was one of those cheap thrills that I randomly found on Target’s clearance rack for $10 a few years back. Some very similar (and affordable) blazers can be found at Charlotte Russe and Target!

Cropped Tee: Found at H&M a month ago and already sold out, here are some similar crop tee’s on there website – Crop Tee #1Crop Tee #2Crop Tee #3

High Waisted Shorts: If I’m being honest, I got these shorts for $10 at a store called Image in a random Oklahoma City mall. Similar (and probably better quality) shorts can be found here – Option #1Option #2Option #3

Shoes: Found at my favorite of all favorites, Target. And YES they are in stock now! Target Ballet Flats

Bag: Originally from H&M, almost exact bag found at Amazon

Sunglasses: H&M


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